Model No.  NC6000

CoolStand3 Ergonomic Notebook Cooler (12"~15.6")
Built in small heat-dissipating module is no longer enough to manage the overheating problem following with Notebook’s increasing operation speed, which results in unstable system, often happened crash and shortened lifetime of Notebooks. Furthermore, continuous using Notebook at work causes users various RSI symptoms, such as: neck and back pain, upper limb disorder and eye strain.

In order to solve the above problems, CoolStand 3 NC6000 is designed to cool down Notebook rapidly and quietly; meanwhile, by making adjustment of NC6000’s elevation is helping to keep comfortable posture and horizontal view during using Notebook, and therefore to prevent RSI. Besides, the 360° swivel base of NC6000 allows you to share the information of Notebook to other people easily. Ergonomic functionality, swivel display, power cooling and applicable for 11.1”~15.4” Notebooks make NC6000 your best working partner at all times.
● Ergonomic Functionality
● 360° Swivel Base
● Aesthetic Fan Grill
● Quiet Operation
● USB Power Supply
● Complete Hidden Mechanical Design
● Suitable for 11.1” ~ 15.4” Notebooks
  • Dimensions300 x 276 x 22 mm
  • VoltageDC 5.0 V
  • Current0.14 A
  • Power Consumption0.7 W
  • Fan Speed2000 R.P.M
  • Noise21.26 dBA
  • Weight800 g
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